Gibbon - Freelance Programmer

I am an experienced software engineer that began his programming life over 10 years ago. Starting with C++ as a language I have then gone on to work with many other languages including C#, Java, Python, PHP, Lua and more.

I have worked on a range of projects from 3D graphics in both OpenGL and DirectX to large scale business applications integrating with clients such as Amazon and Argos. I also work on several of my own projects along with contributing to open source projects.

I have experience working with Unity, Unreal Engine and directly working with Graphics API's for games development along with experience working with many technologies including MSSQL, MySQL, AWS and more for business based applications.

My standard coding set up is generally using Visual Studio with PVS Static Code Profiler installed to ensure clean well written code. When working in any language I aim to write rebust, efficient and non-repetitious code.

Whether you want your project completed as fast as possible, over a weekend, or you’re not worried about when it’s done by and you just want it done as cheaply as possible, talk to me about it, and we’ll work out a solution for you!

Recent Full Time Employment

DirekTek Ltd - Within DirekTek I am employed full time as a software engineer in C#, since starting a position here I have assumed responsibility over development and maintenance of internal order processing systems and automation along with the development of integrations with retailers, with a heavy focus on integration the work at DirekTek is always expanding to meet retailers demands meaning our systems are constantly expanding and evolving over time. This has lead to me having to work with newly hired and junior developers to run them through the current system along with both training them on coding practices but also training on the languages used within the company.
The main technologies used at DirekTek are C#, .Net Core, JavaScript, Html, CSS, AutoFac, MSSQL, MySQL.

Southern Swords Ltd - Within Southern Swords I was employed as a front end developer, the company is a small but rapidly expanding specialist retailer focusing on Historical Re-Enactment. My work here was mostly development and maintenance of their 5 websites. With these sites being based on Magento there was a heavy amount of PHP, Html, CSS and JavaScript work involved in both creating new functionality on the sites along with extending 3rd party modules and fixing compatability issues encountered.

Education History

Open University - Computer Science
Having decided to finish a degree (mostly for CV reasons) I am currently working on a part time course at the Open Uni, with a current grade average of approx 85% my predicted graduation grade is a 1st class honours degree.
On the course we are working with a mixture of Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the main languages.

Teesside University - Games programming
I Attended Teesside Univeristy originally on a Games Programming course, this was a high intensity course where I quickly realised that much of the work I was doing in my first year, was that of which other friends were doing in thei final year. On the course we covered C++ as the main language and also delved into C#, Java and some LISP, we were exposed to development in OpenGL and DirectX and had a pretty heavy workload. Unfortunately I had to leave the course toward the end of the second year due to personal reasons, I was set to return a year later however by that time I had secured a job as a full time developer and so passed on the opportunity. While attending in my two years at Teesside my average grade was pushing approx 75% and predicted grade was a 1st class honours.

Amersham & Wycombe College - Software Engineering BND
Prior to attending university I did a specialised BTEC in software engineering, the course worked mainly in VB.Net and during my time here I took to helping many of other students as I excelled at the work, I ended up graduating with a triple distriction grade.


Feel free to use the form below to contact me for a range of reasons, whether it be a general inquiry, to discuss a freelance project that you may want me to work on, if you have a full time position that you feel I might be perfect for or even if you are just working on something awesome, and may want some help on the project.
Im a pretty friendly guy and I will respond to any messages that I get.

A whole lot more about the Gibbon

An area to learn more about me and what makes me tick, my interests and personality - most just for a bit of fun but also a bit of a deeper less business based about that I felt should be kept seperate from the intro.

Q: When did you start programming and why?<
A: I started programming around age 17 with C++, and I got started as I wanted to know how games were made.

Q: What is your favorite language to work in?
A: C++, definately C++. Anyone who has worked with me will have had to listen to me promote it all day.

Q: What areas interest you the most?
A: Honestly, AI and Graphics .. maybe a bit of Physics.. I love any area that challenge my brain

Q: What was the first program you made that wasnt "hello world"?
A: A console based blackjack game - because gambling?

Q: What project are you most proud of?
A: Hard to answer, though probably a project I made when I was 18 - was a 2D sprite based RPG prototype made in used managed D3D and was one of the first "big" projects I completed.

Q: What languages have you worked in?
A: C++, C#, Java, Python, LISP, HLSL, GLSL, Lua, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP

Q: Who are you programming heroes?
A: Mike Lewis is up there, Eric Lengyel, Bjarne Stroustrup(of course), and Jon Skeet for good measure?
Q: When you aren't programming what do you enjoy doing?
A: A wide range of things, from learning other languages (Japanese currently), to gaming or even reading a good book or two.

Q: Do you have any books you would recommend?

Q: What is it that makes you love programming?
A: The fact that it can be a challenge, not everything you do will be a challenge, but there is a lot that really gets you thinking, and then you solve it but there is always going back to try and do it better. I love the challenge.